Cyberattacks, hackers.

My websites (public profiles) were compromised by hackers and piracy.  All evidence and emails will be sent to the website below.


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15.09 | 11:54

I have read your books and I want to express my admiration for what you have done after the publisher literally ruined your life by not fixing the mistakes. I love your books, so don’t give up!

19.04 | 16:57

Good Day Erika P. Hamlet, I would Like To Receive An Autographed CopOf Your First Book Translated To English Darling. I will pay You For It. Thank You Ronnie Schance From Facebook (your friend). Thank

15.04 | 20:18

I am so excited about these books being published in English. The storyline is fascinating. I feel as if I am in the vicinity of each character, watching and listening...

16.12 | 20:09

Can not wait for the English translation to print. Will have your entire collection for pure enjoyment. In the meantime; I'm collecting the orginal books.

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